Clean water/School supplies for Tra Bui - Trinity Vu

Clean water/School supplies for Tra Bui - Trinity Vu

Hello Friends and Families,

Most of you who knows me, know that I am very involved in the non-profit community. This year, I am working with Viet Dreams to help fundraise for the underprivileged children in Vietnam. This project’s purpose is to provide clean water filter system for an elementary school or orphanage in Vietnam’s most rural area. I am reaching out to ask for your kindness and generosity to help me make this possible. This gift that we are providing, not only benefits the total amount of kids that are currently located in this area (roughly 491 children), but will also provide for future generations to come.

Once we reached our goal, a portion of it will go to build a clean water filter system at Tra Bui Elementary and with any extra funds left over, we will be supplying the kids with school supplies and necessities. I will personally make a trip, at my own costs, to deliver these gifts of hope to the kids myself to make sure your fundings are well spent towards the kids.

About 783 million people worldwide are currently living without clean drinking water. From that group, about 2000 children under the age of five die every day from diarrhea in which their deaths are linked to unfiltered water, sanitation and hygiene. You can live without love, but you can’t live without clean water. Help me make a difference by supporting my fundraising campaign for the children in Vietnam.

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for your ongoing support. God bless.


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