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Press: Vietnamese charity raising fund for clean drinking water in Vietnam


Our founder, Khac-Quan Nguyen was featured on Ohlone College Monitor news

"Khac-Quan Nguyen is Ohlone’s Administrative System Analyst/ Application Administrator in the Information Technology (IT) Services department, but he has many other roles. He has been a concert violinist for 14 years....." Read more


Viet Dreams’ story featured on Global Giving + Facebook Crisis Page

"Viet Dreams delivered portable filtration systems and a generator to supply clean water to affected residents. Viet Dreams also distributed food assistance and school supplies to children in affected areas. The Viet Dreams team is still hard at work in the area, helping mitigate future flood-related risks."  Read more


Gieo ước mơ nước sạch

"Nguyễn Khắc Quân hiện đang sinh sống và làm việc tại Mỹ, nhưng cứ đi đi về về giữa Mỹ - VN để giúp hàng ngàn trẻ em vùng cao, vùng xa được uống và biết trân quý nguồn nước sạch vốn ngày càng trở nên khan hiếm"  Read more


Viet Dreams Charity Ball and SuperStar of Adrian Anh Tuan -

Viet Dreams Charity Ball with Miss Vietnam, Thuy Dung -


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